Dungeon Path [Name Not Final]

Dungeon Path is a MMO dungeon crawler game that will feature challenging fights and epic loot drops.

"No Limits" Multiplayer

Unlike conventional dungeon crawler games Dungeon Path will allow for groups of players of any size to team up and take on a dungeon. The game will be accessible via both official and community hosted dedicated servers where players can pick a dungeon then start exploring, gaining experience, and getting all the epic loot they desire! The current goal is to support at least 100 simultaneous players per server.

In addition the game will support four player splitscreen for a night of couch co-op multiplayer! Each player in splitscreen mode has access to the full game client, meaning they'll have all the same functionality as they'd have playing on their own seperate client.

Community Content

Just about everything will be moddable... including.... player characters, enemy characters, skills, items, maps, and quests. Content is pushed to the game client from the server meaning each community hosted server could feature nearly an entirely different game! It should be noted that custom assets can aren't restricted to '8-bit,' you can use any resolution you want when making content (with in reason, extreme high resolution will likely crash the game).

Epic Loot

Get ready to find and trade all the rare loot! Items drops can be equipped to your character to do things like increase movement speed, increase damage, and event completely alter how a given skill works. Items will be essential to building a character that suits your play style!

Active Event Quests

Not a new idea by any means, the active event quest system is simply a public quest system that will allow players to team up to complete a challenge.

Technical Specs

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Game Engine: Pygame

Input Devices: Keyboard, Gamepad (Xinput Compatble)

Number of players: 1-4 (offline), 1-100+ (lan), 1-100+ (online)



  • 3 Characters available with 3 skills each
  • 1 10x10 grid map
  • Basic Combat

Alpha 1

  • Sound effects and music
  • General polishing, improve combat, etc
  • Items and item drops
  • All game menues

Alpha 2

  • Active Event Quest System
  • Add NPCs

Beta 1

  • Documentation available for content creation
  • Dedicated servers available to community
  • Bug fixing, polishing, etc
  • Community suggestions

Beta 2

  • More bug fixing
  • More community suggestions


  • Ensure version is stable

Continued Updates after Release

  • New official characters, items, maps, etc
  • Bug fixes, community suggestions, etc
  • PVP Mode?