Post archive for February 2014

Run Chomp

I made a new game! It's called Run Chomp. It's a fairly simple game and it's unlikely that I'm going to take it any further. I made it to test out HTML5 Canvas. The objective of the game is to get as many points as possible by dodging obstabcles and collecting 'chomp coins.' I'm hoping to take what I learned here and apply it to another project that I hope to begin soon, more details on that later!

Run Chomp works on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Give it a go!

Run Chomp

New Site!

A new site for a new year in all it's Twitter Bootstrap glory. The main reason for the new site is because along with it I built a web site building tool called WebChomp. WebChomp provides an interface that allows one to easilly build and maintain static sites. I hope to build CMS functionality into it at some point as well. WebChomp is open source licensed under GPL, but the documentation isn't there yet, but I hope to soon add that as well.

I'm also working on a HTML5 canvas game that is coming along great. If all goes well with this simple canvas game then I hope to build a multiplayer dungeon crawler next.