Nathan (aka Chompy) has always had a passion for computers. His first computer experience was at age five on an Apple IIe he received as a Christmas present. He grew up tinkering on the family computer (and breaking several of them in the process). Over the years he learned how to design graphics, code websites, and make video games.

His skill set on a computer is rather expansive and he can thank his interest and desire to make video games for motivating him to seek out and expand his skill set. Some of his more technical skills include... HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP coding, Python coding, 3D modeling with Blender, assembling and repairing computer hardware, and setting up Linux servers.

What is Chompy?

Chompy 3D|floatright|border

Chompy was largely inspired by chained chomps from the Super Mario series created by Nintendo. Chompy came to life thanks in part to graphic designer Seth Brock who created some of the original concepts for Chompy.

Over the year Chompy has evolved further, sprouting legs and arms, as well as being rendered in 3D.

Chompy is a mascot that is meant to represent Nathan and his works. He is meant to be a fun loving character that is easily identifiable and thus is brandable.